Who are we ?

NOVANGE788, which was for a long time reserved for the celebrities and professionals of modelling, is a range of anti-aging products which provides an immediate beauty enhancement and a long-wearing make-up.

For many years, the NOVANGE788 range, elected by the Fotogen international agency, has been developing in exclusivity high precision anti-wrinkles treatment products in order to fight against the external aggressions: jet-lag, long journeys, stress, and extra load of work.

The NOVANGE788 treatment products are based on the secret of the formula « ANG788 », unique and patented complexes, a long and meticulous development, where expertise and perseverance are necessary to reach an optimal efficacy.

These innovative active principles boost the production of collagen and effectively help to smooth the wrinkles and fine lines. From the first application, your face recovers tone, elasticity and luminosity.

All the formulae are subjected in outside laboratories to tests of allergy and tolerance, in order to ensure that they are perfectly safe.

A permanent research on the correlation between the efficiency and the cosmeceutic. .

An efficient answer to a demanding clientele looking for visible and quick results, in terms of beauty care, comfort, well-being and of safety.