Bottle 120mL - Price : 122,40 €

Triple action: anti-slackening of the skin and anti-nodes of fat.

The Lift & Firm Serum, rich in ANG788/A natural active principle, boosts the elasticity and the firmness while acting against the skin ageing.

Counteracts efficiently the localized fat deposits on the legs and the arms.

This exceptional serum reduces visibly the appearance of cellulite, and takes part actively in the contour of the hips and of the thighs to give them a harmonious profile.

Stimulates the microcirculation to reduce the swelling of the legs, all day long.

The silhouette is reshaped.

Its rich texture moisturizes your skin, penetrates instantly and dries in 3 minutes. 



Apply every morning on a clean skin with circular movements on all the concerned zones.

For an optimal treatment, a balanced diet should be adopted.